Writer’s Resources

In addition to the blog content, The Write Turn features an ever increasing range of writing resources.

I’m always working on new and exciting writing resources to add to this list, so keep checking back.

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Free ebook – 100 Ways to Be A Better Writer

A FREE ebook chock full of tips and tricks to boost your writing craft and your writing life right now.

100 Ways to be A Better Writer

Tools for Writers

This is a list of the writing tools I have come to rely on and even love, divided into writing, publishing, online interaction, and platform building. Check out my “must have” and “good to have” tools for writers here.

Free Mini E-Course

30 Day Writing Habit Hacks Challenge (free)

Free Writer’s Manifesto

Take The Write Turn: A Writer’s Call to Arms

Books for The Writer’s Life

Writing Habit Hacks: How to Create and Maintain Smart Writing Habits

Writing Habit Hacks Workbook: With Exercises to Start You Writing and Keep You Writing

Writing Craft Books

Writing Prompts for Powerful Plots: A 12 Step No-Fail Writing Strategy

FREE – Bright Ideas! Write Ideas! 101 Writing Prompts to Electrify Your Creative Mind 

Write in the Wonder: 101 Fantasy Writing Prompts

Write in the Heart: 101 Romance Writing Prompts

Write in the Dark: 101 Horror Writing Prompts

Write Out There: 101 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

The Write Way: 101 Writing Exercises for Fiction

Special Writing Resources Posts

38 Mind-Blowing Writing Resources

The 100 Best Writing Advice Articles: The Ultimate Writing Resource


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