Write in the Dark: 101 Horror Writing Prompts

You want to learn how to write great horror?

It all starts with the idea.

And here are 101 ideas to start you writing a truly great horror story.

horror writing prompts

Some of these writing prompts are ideas for characters; others present possible scenarios and snippets of dialogue. Each one of them has a horror tale waiting to burst out, some more than one.

These just aren’t any old ideas.

What makes these horror prompts different?

The horror genre has always had and always will have a special place in our world.

Horror is terror and destruction; it’s death and damnation, torment, nightmares and madness.

Horror gives us a safe place to explore these deep and universal aspects of being human. Horror grants us a catharsis, provides a tantalizing opportunity to explore the taboo. It teases us with spine-tingling threats and begs us to question what we know as real fear and how far we would go to preserve what’s special to us.

Every one of these writing prompts has been developed from this deep understanding of the true nature of horror.

Every one of these horror writing prompts will help you craft a fine horror story. Whether you’re writing short stories, screenplays, novels or an epic book series.

Are you ready to write in the dark?

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horror writing prompts

Write in the Dark
101 Horror Writing Prompts

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