The Nanowrimo Survival Guide

rough drafts fiction first draft

Just How Rough Can A First Draft Be?

For those who fear writing a terrible first draft, see raw examples of an incredibly rough first draft and understand why making a mess is important.

the creative well

Boost Your Creativity With Total Genre Immersion

Immerse yourself in the genre you're writing in. This fills you with ideas and helps you study genre tropes, figuring out what works, what doesn't and why.

Why Tropes Are the Building Blocks of Great Stories

What is a trope? How do tropes make great stories? What's the difference between tropes cliche? Find out how you can use tropes to improve your writing.

editing a first draft

What to Do With Your Nanowrimo Novel (an 8 step guide to taming that mess)

This is for the writer who actually wants to do something with their Nanowrimo project, to turn a messy, incomplete first draft into a real novel.

what to do with story ideas

From Idea to Action: 5 Ways to Turn Inspiration into Results

Different writers have different methods for turning inspiration into results and actual writing. Here are a few of them.

health and wellness for wrimos

Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips for NaNoWrimo Writers

Writing related health issues are common during Nanowrimo. Here's 10 ways to keep your body happy and healthy while still reaching that word count.

how to win Nanowrimo - what to expect

10 Things to Expect During Nanowrimo (The Good, The Bad and The Crazy)

Nanowrimo is different for every writer, though there are some things many wrimos have in common. Here's a heads up for those about to take the challenge.

Writer’s Cramp: Hand Problems from Handwriting

We’ve talked about the physical risks of typing and the ergonomic adjustments you can make to save your body, but...

plot development

What’s the Worst That Can Happen? Plot Development Through Adversity

If there’s ever going to be a sure fire solution for awesome plot development, it’s going to be this single question: What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Brain Food For Writers: Eat Your Way to Better Writing

Imagine you could eat your way into writing better. Hello brain food! Brain food is food that has some specific...

Hand Exercises for Writers: Protecting Your Hands from Writing Related Injury and Stress

Why do writers need to do hand exercises? How many times a day do you hit an individual keyboard key?...

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