tips for writing faster

How to Write Faster: 25 Ways to Be A Prolific Writer (without the burnout)

Want to write more in less time? Here are 25 tried and tested ways to be a faster writer while maintaining a healthy balance in life and work.

what is an aspiring writer?

Let’s Put an End to Aspiring Writers (and start making real writers)

An aspiring writer is not a writer. But an aspiring writer can be a writer. It's all about doing the work and having the confidence to claim the title.

imposter syndrome

How to Use Self-Doubt to Your Advantage

Many writers suffer self-doubt. Instead of letting self-doubt consume you, face it. Use self-doubt as a motivator to be a better writer.

10 Ways a Positive Attitude Makes for a More Productive Writer

A positive writer is a more productive writer. How? It's all about energy and how we deal with setbacks as well as the writing relationships we foster.

A Writer’s Reflections: Focus On Lessons Learned Not Tasks Complete

When reflecting on your writing life and achievements, looking at the hard numbers might not be as effective as focussing on the lessons you've learned.

how to win Nanowrimo - what to expect

10 Things to Expect During Nanowrimo (The Good, The Bad and The Crazy)

Nanowrimo is different for every writer, though there are some things many wrimos have in common. Here's a heads up for those about to take the challenge.

quit writing

Is It Time to Quit Writing?

Writers are often advised that a non-stop word machine approach is the only way to get stuff written. It's true. It's also potentially damaging.

How A Sacred Work Space Will Help You Write Better and Live Better

For a writer, working in a dedicated work space like an office can go a long way in enhancing focus and productivity, even creativity.

writing productivity and creative rest

Get Ready For Your Most Productive Writing Day Ever

Last Friday was one of the most creative and productive days I’ve had in a really long time, and it...

online writing advice

The 100 Best Writing Advice Articles: The Ultimate Writing Resource

The Internet is a glut of writing advice articles. This is a great thing! It means there are millions of...

Writing Sprints and Thinking Marathons: A New Approach to Progress and Productivity

In a creative field like writing, what defines productivity and progress? Is it how many words you’ve written that day?...

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