how to cope with writers block

Is Writer’s Block an Actual Thing?

What is writer's block? Is it a real thing that stops writers writing, or an excuse not to work? Here are some ideas on what might cause the feeling of writer's block and some tips on pushing through to the other side.

tips for writing faster

How to Write Faster: 25 Ways to Be A Prolific Writer (without the burnout)

Want to write more in less time? Here are 25 tried and tested ways to be a faster writer while maintaining a healthy balance in life and work.

the creative well

Boost Your Creativity With Total Genre Immersion

Immerse yourself in the genre you're writing in. This fills you with ideas and helps you study genre tropes, figuring out what works, what doesn't and why.

imposter syndrome

How to Use Self-Doubt to Your Advantage

Many writers suffer self-doubt. Instead of letting self-doubt consume you, face it. Use self-doubt as a motivator to be a better writer.

what to do with story ideas

From Idea to Action: 5 Ways to Turn Inspiration into Results

Different writers have different methods for turning inspiration into results and actual writing. Here are a few of them.

online writing advice

The 100 Best Writing Advice Articles: The Ultimate Writing Resource

The Internet is a glut of writing advice articles. This is a great thing! It means there are millions of...

how to write horror

How to Write Horror – Innovative Ideas for Horror Stories that Will Scare the SH*T Out of Anyone (writing project included)

You've studied the horror genre through all of the films you've watched and the books you've read. You understand the tropes and every horror idea that's ever been written. So when you sit down to write, you think your own ideas are all so boring and predictable. You've seen it all before and so too have your would-be readers so why bother adding anything new to the genre when all the good horror ideas have already had the life sucked out of them?

ideas for stories

7 Quick Ways to Find Brilliant Ideas for Stories

Ideas for stories can leap out at you like an onslaught of flying monkeys and it’s all you can do...