Hero’s Journey

editing a first draft

What to Do With Your Nanowrimo Novel (an 8 step guide to taming that mess)

This is for the writer who actually wants to do something with their Nanowrimo project, to turn a messy, incomplete first draft into a real novel.


Kishōtenketsu: The Four Act Narrative (or Plot Without Conflict)

Kishōtenketsu is a four act narrative structure that is not based on conflict and resolution. It's a common format in Manga narratives and video games.

how to write horror

How to Write Horror – Innovative Ideas for Horror Stories that Will Scare the SH*T Out of Anyone (writing project included)

You've studied the horror genre through all of the films you've watched and the books you've read. You understand the tropes and every horror idea that's ever been written. So when you sit down to write, you think your own ideas are all so boring and predictable. You've seen it all before and so too have your would-be readers so why bother adding anything new to the genre when all the good horror ideas have already had the life sucked out of them?

tips on writing a mystery novel

How to Write a Mystery Novel: A Five Act Structure

Ever wondered how to write a mystery novel? With rare exception, all mystery stories have a five act structure based on the classic theory of mythic narrative structure, the Hero's Journey. Writing a mystery means understanding this narrative formula and designing your plot around its structure.

writing romance

How to Write a Perfect Romance Using the Hero’s Journey Structure

The idea of the Hero's Journey was compiled studying folklore and legends and as such, we'll most often see the Hero's Journey applied to narratives in fantasy and other speculative fiction genres. But, how well does the Hero's Journey apply to stories in non-speculative genres? Can we write a romance using the Hero's Journey?

writing horror stories

Three Killer Ways to Start a Horror Story (with examples)

What’s the best way to start a horror story? You’ve got your excellent idea, a great plot and a killer ending. How are you going to begin? Horror is all about effect, delivering fear and dread and dislocating readers from their place of comfort. Starting the story in the right place goes a long way to set up your story and lay the foundations for the emotional impact you’re aiming to deliver.

narrative structure

How to Write Classic Narrative Structure: The Hero’s Journey

Every story has a structure. From the simplest narrative, like a joke, to a complex narrative like an epic novel series, stories are built on frameworks deeply embedded into our cultures. Understanding narrative structure can be helpful in working out how to best develop and write your story.