focus for writers

Trying to Focus? DO NOT Turn Off Your Internet While You Write

Turning off the internet to focus is a short term solution that does not address the core reasons we get distracted. Here's how to really focus and write.

tips for writing faster

How to Write Faster: 25 Ways to Be A Prolific Writer (without the burnout)

Want to write more in less time? Here are 25 tried and tested ways to be a faster writer while maintaining a healthy balance in life and work.

how to create writing habits

The Only Writing Goal You Need to Set This Year

New year's resolutions typically don't stick because most people set the wrong goals. Here's how to set smart writing goals that will last all year.

online writing advice

The 100 Best Writing Advice Articles: The Ultimate Writing Resource

The Internet is a glut of writing advice articles. This is a great thing! It means there are millions of...

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How to Develop a Kick-Ass Writing Habit

Kick-ass writers all have something in common. Every kick-ass writer has a kick-ass writing habit. I’ve written before about the...