how to write horror

How to Write Horror – Innovative Ideas for Horror Stories that Will Scare the SH*T Out of Anyone (writing project included)

You've studied the horror genre through all of the films you've watched and the books you've read. You understand the tropes and every horror idea that's ever been written. So when you sit down to write, you think your own ideas are all so boring and predictable. You've seen it all before and so too have your would-be readers so why bother adding anything new to the genre when all the good horror ideas have already had the life sucked out of them?

define creativity

How to Define Your Creativity and Be a Better Writer

How do you increase your creative output and become a better writer? Understand yourself. Understand your own creative mind. Understanding your particular style of creativity, what you are best able to create and how you are best able to do it is a critical step in increasing your creative capacity and your creative output and becoming a better writer.

write better with exercise

The Writer’s Brain on Exercise: Get Active and Write Better!

Runners exercise for endurance and cardio-pulmonary health. Weight lifters exercise for strength. Writers exercise for a whole host of reasons,...

editing writing

The Bug Sheet: An Editing Process Your Writing Will Thank You For

There are a million and ten different ways to edit your writing, whether you’re writing a short story or a longer piece of fiction and even non-fiction. Typically, when I sit down to edit my writing, I’ll start with the general 10 percent rule on the first pass and then go from there to see what each individual piece needs. Sometimes it might be a complete rewrite. Sometimes (rarely!) it won’t need much more than a few structural tweaks and a spell check. Regardless of which editing process I use, there’s one tool I find I can’t do without when it comes to editing a story.

writer's health

Sleep – The Ultimate Tool to Become A Better Writer

If you want to become a better writer, the usual advice is to write more. And I’m the first to...

twitter fiction

Twitter Fiction: What Is It? How to Write It. And Why You’d Ever Want To Try.

Twitter Fiction is a relatively new form of story writing where very short stories, 140 characters or less, are published on Twitter. In the last decade, Twitter Fiction has grown to become a celebrated short story form, even attracting its own Twitter Fiction literary festival and literary journal. So what exactly is it, and how do we write it?

Writer’s Cramp: Hand Problems from Handwriting

We’ve talked about the physical risks of typing and the ergonomic adjustments you can make to save your body, but...

developing characters

The Ultimate Guide to Using Psychology to Develop Authentic Characters

Every great story starts with a great character. When a reader picks up a book, it could be the genre or the plot concept that attracts them in the first place, but it’s the characters that will make or break a reader’s complete engagement with the story. And that has everything to do with character developm

movement for writers exercises for writers

Writers Beware! Stillness is the New Smoking (and not just for writers)

We’ve probably all heard by now that “sitting is the new smoking” and the dangers of sitting are starting to...

ideas for stories

7 Quick Ways to Find Brilliant Ideas for Stories

Ideas for stories can leap out at you like an onslaught of flying monkeys and it’s all you can do...

apps for writers

5 of the Best Apps for Writers

Looking for a little tech help to find inspiration? A way to keep track of your writing notes? Tighten your prose? Write stories on the go or keep you focused? Check out these apps for writers.

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