quit writing

Is It Time to Quit Writing?

Writers are often advised that a non-stop word machine approach is the only way to get stuff written. It's true. It's also potentially damaging.

how to use writing prompts the right way

Stop Wasting Your Time With Writing Prompts (and Start Using Them The Right Way)

Writing prompts. Those little snips of inspiration, be they characters, dialogue exchanges, setting or situations that are meant to spur...

How A Sacred Work Space Will Help You Write Better and Live Better

For a writer, working in a dedicated work space like an office can go a long way in enhancing focus and productivity, even creativity.


Kishōtenketsu: The Four Act Narrative (or Plot Without Conflict)

Kishōtenketsu is a four act narrative structure that is not based on conflict and resolution. It's a common format in Manga narratives and video games.

writer's exercises

Be A Stronger Writer! Gym Workouts for Writers

Fitness for writers means building strength and flexibility in a way that serves your writing and the unique demands the writing life takes on your body.

rituals for writing

Having Trouble Writing? Try Writing Rituals!

Writing rituals are little habitual behaviours that writers establish to help get them in the mindset for their writing sessions.

fixing bad writing

10 Reasons Why your Writing Sucks and What You Can Do To Make It Not

Sometimes a writer thinks their works sucks and it's just a crisis of confidence. Other times the writing actually sucks. How can you tell the difference?

When to Call Yourself A Writer

Do you call yourself a writer? Do you feel comfortable using the title writer? Writer or author? What's the difference? Why do writers ask these questions?

narrative structure

Studying Character and Narrative Structure: The Morphology of the Folktale

Some of the most common Western narrative structures are derived from traditional forms like folktales, fairy tales and myths. We’ve...

how to focus on writing

5 Basic Focus Hacks for Writers

How do you stay focused as a writer? We’ve all got busy lives. We need to do things like day...

rewards for writers gifts for writers

Indulgent (and Practical) Treats for Hard Working Writers

Treat Yo Self! If you’re a Parks And Recreation fan, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, then...

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