detail in writing

How Much Description Do You Need in Your Writing?

How much detail should you put into your story? It depends on how that detail relates to character and plot and also the style of fiction you're writing.

10 Ways a Positive Attitude Makes for a More Productive Writer

A positive writer is a more productive writer. How? It's all about energy and how we deal with setbacks as well as the writing relationships we foster.

how to create writing habits

The Only Writing Goal You Need to Set This Year

New year's resolutions typically don't stick because most people set the wrong goals. Here's how to set smart writing goals that will last all year.

A Writer’s Reflections: Focus On Lessons Learned Not Tasks Complete

When reflecting on your writing life and achievements, looking at the hard numbers might not be as effective as focussing on the lessons you've learned.

10 Super Cool Gift Ideas For Writers

Show the writer in your life how special they are with one of these cool gifts. Everything from notebooks to clothes to pillows - all for writers!

popular references in fiction writing

How to Write Pop Culture References in Fiction (and How Not to…)

Is it OK to reference pop culture in your fiction writing? It depends. A few tips to help guide writers' decisions on using pop culture references.

programs for writers

Top 5 Programs for Writers

I've tried and tested all of these programs for writers. Each one has its own unique features and uses, and I rate them all quite highly.

what to do with story ideas

From Idea to Action: 5 Ways to Turn Inspiration into Results

Different writers have different methods for turning inspiration into results and actual writing. Here are a few of them.

health and wellness for wrimos

Top 10 Health and Wellness Tips for NaNoWrimo Writers

Writing related health issues are common during Nanowrimo. Here's 10 ways to keep your body happy and healthy while still reaching that word count.

how to win Nanowrimo - what to expect

10 Things to Expect During Nanowrimo (The Good, The Bad and The Crazy)

Nanowrimo is different for every writer, though there are some things many wrimos have in common. Here's a heads up for those about to take the challenge.

Writing With Multiple Point of View Characters

Writing with multiple character viewpoints. Should we? Why? Why Not? If we do decide to create a cast of viewpoint characters, what's the best way to do it?

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