Guest Posting on The Write Turn

The Write Turn is currently open to submissions for guest posts.

Please read the following information carefully. Submissions that do not comply with the criteria or instructions will not be accepted (and might not even be read!).

Who Can Submit?

Fiction or non-fiction authors with a body of professional standard work already publicly available. (indie or trad published)

Authors with an existing platform or at least the beginnings of one.

I’m not interested in submissions from people only seeking in-bound links and cheap promotion.

I will probably Google you so please don’t try to fake it!

What to Write About

The Write Turn focuses on empowerment for writers.

What does this mean?

It means helping writers unlock their unique potential in their writing craft and every aspect of life that connects to writing.

This means I want to see articles on writing craft (the How To Write content).

There’s also a big focus on writing habits, focus and productivity.

I like ideas on the author mindset and creativity.

Something which makes The Write Turn unique among other writing advice resources is that I also like to talk about health and wellness, and how our physical lives impact on our writing and writing habits, often without us even realising it.

I am not interested in posts on marketing, book sales or publishing.

I am not interested in posts specifically about blogging (thought this can be a grey area, as bloggers too are writers living the writer’s life, so please enquire accordingly).

If your idea fits into these areas, then send it through!

If your idea might fit into these areas, then send it through and we’ll see what happens.

Unique articles only. Please do not send content that has been published elsewhere, including your own blog. You can re-post it on your own blog with a link back to this site once it has been published.

The Style

Read around the site and you’ll find a positive attitude, often expressed with a firm directness. i.e think personal trainer.

Occasional mild swearing is fine, as we keep it fairly casual, but don’t get carried away.

The article needs to be helpful and empowering.

The Technicals

Professional quality writing.

Title your post with an appropriate headline. I’m not looking for keyword stuffed titles or content, but the headline should reflect the content and the aim of your writing clearly.

If your title doesn’t suit exactly, I might change it before publication.

For tips on writing headlines, check out the free pdf booklet 52 Headline Hacks from

Your article should be at least 500 words. A maximum of 1500 words.

Please use subheadings throughout your article.

Please use short paragraphs.

Final editorial control is in my hands. It’s likely I’ll edit your article. Images will be provided by me.

What to Send

Please write your post directly into the body of your email. If your mail client does not format text, make your headings and subheadings super clear.

Your author bio of about 100-200 words

Your author headshot. High resolution, 300×300 pixels. I don’t accept avatars, so if you don’t want your face on the site, then hire a body double.

Your links to your website, social media links.

How to Submit

Please email me directly info (at)

Format your subject line as follows: GUEST POST SUBMISSION: “Your Title” by Your Name (word count)

After Submission

You’ll hear within a few weeks if your article is successful and when it will be published.

I’ll promote in on Twitter, Facebook, and inside the site’s Facebook group, Empowering Writers.

You are also expected to promote your article on your own platform.

Any Questions?

Email me –  info (a)