Getting the Most Out of The Write Turn


I’ve created this page as a starting point to help you get the most out of the site and to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff.


1. Get the Manifesto – Take The Write Turn: A Writer’s Call to Arms

This manifesto is the foundation of what The Write Turn is all about. It’s about claiming your life as a writer’s life. It’s about standing up and calling yourself a writer – not an “aspiring” writer.

To find out more about The Write Turn manifesto and download your free copy, check out this page.


2. Download your FREE copy of 100 Ways to Be a Better Writer

A free ebook chock full of tips and tricks you can use to improve your writing craft and writer’s life right now. Download your FREE book on this page. 

3. Check out the 30 Day Writing Habit Hacks Challenge

A FREE e-course that will show you how to build and maintain a smart and effective writing habit.

To find our more and enrol, take a look at this page.

4. Check Out A Few of the Most Popular Articles

Three Killer Ways to Start a Horror Story (with examples)
How to Write A Short Story in Ten Steps
The 100 Best Writing Advice Articles: The Ultimate Writing Resource
How to Write a Perfect Romance Using the Hero’s Journey Structure
Why the Pantsing vs. Plotting Writing Process Debate is Irrelevant

(this list will get updated from time to time as the trending topics change so make sure you keep coming back!)


5. Claim Your Free Book of Writing Prompts

In the pages of this eBook, you’ll find 101 writing prompts. Some of them are concepts, others are bits of dialogue, character ideas or opening lines. There’s a story in every one of them. In the back, you’ll also find a series of random writing tables to help you inject some random inspiration into your story and send your creative juices into overdrive.

Check out this page to learn more about Bright Ideas! Write Ideas! and download your free copy of the book.


6. Follow The Write Turn on Social Media

By following The Write Turn on social media, you’re ensuring you never miss an update. You’ll also be able to access heaps of other writing resources from our awesome online tribe of like-minded writers, and join in on our conversations.

We’re active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Come and say Hi!

7. Join our Writers’ Group, Empowering Writers on Facebook

Our Facebook writers’ group concentrates on the three pillars of a writer’s life – creativity, craft and community. As well as funny memes and entertainment to distract you from your writing.

Here’s the link to Facebook – Click the Join button. Membership needs to be approved by admin, which will happen within 12 hours, usually heaps sooner (like, within minutes).

8. Browse Your Topics of Interest

Use the navigation bar to browse through your favourite topics or follow these links:

9. Check out the range of writing non-fiction books by The Write Turn founder, Kate Krake

The Writing Habits Hacks Workbook

Writing Habit Hacks: How to Create and Maintain Smart Writing Habits

The Writing Prompt Master Strategy

Write Out There: 101 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Write in the Dark: 101 Horror Writing Prompts

Write in the Heart: 101 Romance Writing Prompts

Write in the Wonder: 101 Fantasy Writing Prompts

10. Contact Us

If you’ve got any questions or comments or feedback of any kind, please contact The Write Turn directly via email or on social media.