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how to define speculative fiction

What is Speculative Fiction?

Are you writing speculative fiction? How can you tell? In this post we define speculative fiction from multiple angles and examine its relationship to other genres.

how to write theme

How to Develop a Powerful Theme in Fiction

Developing a strong theme can be the factor that turns a generally good story into a truly amazing read. Here are 4 ways to write a theme into your story.

rough drafts fiction first draft

Just How Rough Can A First Draft Be?

For those who fear writing a terrible first draft, see raw examples of an incredibly rough first draft and understand why making a mess is important.

how to use genre

Using Genre to Find Awesome Ideas for Stories

A step by step guide on how to use and understand genre as a starting point for writing great stories, even if it's not a genre you're interested in.

how to write unreliable narrators

What is An Unreliable Narrator?

What is an unreliable narrator? What do unreliable narrators do for a story? What is it like to write an unreliable narrator?

editing tips filter words

Filter Out Filter Words To Improve Your Writing

Filter words slow down sentences, distance readers from the action, and often create passive voice. They filter the reader's experience.

Why Tropes Are the Building Blocks of Great Stories

What is a trope? How do tropes make great stories? What's the difference between tropes cliche? Find out how you can use tropes to improve your writing.

urban fantasy and how to write it

How to Write Urban Fantasy – 6 Magical Tips (and an exploration of the genre)

What is urban fantasy? What's the difference between urban fantasy and paranormal romance? These answers and more plus 6 tips on writing urban fantasy.

editing a first draft

What to Do With Your Nanowrimo Novel (an 8 step guide to taming that mess)

This is for the writer who actually wants to do something with their Nanowrimo project, to turn a messy, incomplete first draft into a real novel.

detail in writing

How Much Description Do You Need in Your Writing?

How much detail should you put into your story? It depends on how that detail relates to character and plot and also the style of fiction you're writing.

popular references in fiction writing

How to Write Pop Culture References in Fiction (and How Not to…)

Is it OK to reference pop culture in your fiction writing? It depends. A few tips to help guide writers' decisions on using pop culture references.

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