Using Genre to Find Awesome Ideas for Stories

Using Genre to Find Awesome Ideas for Stories

A confession. I’m a genre theory nerd. I love genre. I love working out where stories fit within genre. I...

the creative well

Boost Your Creativity With Total Genre Immersion

In writing circles, we often hear about “filling the creative well.” I first came across the concept of the creative...

Why Tropes Are the Building Blocks of Great Stories

I happened upon this article recently, 7 Worldbuilding Tropes Science Fiction And Fantasy Needs To Stop Using. It’s a list...

what to do with story ideas

From Idea to Action: 5 Ways to Turn Inspiration into Results

Inspiration can happen in just a single moment. It can feel like you have been hit in the head by...

how to use writing prompts the right way

Stop Wasting Your Time With Writing Prompts (and Start Using Them The Right Way)

Writing prompts. Those little snips of inspiration, be they characters, dialogue exchanges, setting or situations that are meant to spur...

writing productivity and creative rest

Get Ready For Your Most Productive Writing Day Ever

Last Friday was one of the most creative and productive days I’ve had in a really long time, and it...

how to write horror

How to Write Horror – Innovative Ideas for Horror Stories that Will Scare the SH*T Out of Anyone (writing project included)

You've studied the horror genre through all of the films you've watched and the books you've read. You understand the tropes and every horror idea that's ever been written. So when you sit down to write, you think your own ideas are all so boring and predictable. You've seen it all before and so too have your would-be readers so why bother adding anything new to the genre when all the good horror ideas have already had the life sucked out of them?

define creativity

How to Define Your Creativity and Be a Better Writer

How do you increase your creative output and become a better writer? Understand yourself. Understand your own creative mind. Understanding your particular style of creativity, what you are best able to create and how you are best able to do it is a critical step in increasing your creative capacity and your creative output and becoming a better writer.

ideas for stories

7 Quick Ways to Find Brilliant Ideas for Stories

Ideas for stories can leap out at you like an onslaught of flying monkeys and it’s all you can do...

can you learn how to be more creative

How can Creativity be Taught? Understanding Creative Thinking

How can creativity be taught? Is creativity something that anyone can even learn? Yes. There are some schools of thought that see creativity as this magical essence that shoots from the heavens into the minds of the few souls lucky enough to be blessed with a creative receptiveness and the talent to transform it into some marvellous creation. It’s a nice metaphor at best, but it’s simply not true. Creativity is not a mysterious spirit available to only a few. It might seem unobtainable sometimes and it might feel magical when it hits, but I promise, it's neither.

discovery writing and outling

Why the Pantsing vs. Plotting Writing Process Debate is Irrelevant

Spend any time talking with writers about their writing process and you’ll likely encounter the debate of pantsing vs plotting. Pantsing refers to sitting down to your story and just writing it down as it comes to you with no or few pre-made ideas of where the plot is headed or what it’s doing along the way. The plotting writing process is all about outlining a story or outlining a novel before you start the actual writing. It actually doesn’t matter a single bit which writing process you decide to use. Here’s why…..