About The Write Turn

Let’s talk writing, writer to writer.

Let’s talk about the craft of writing.

Let’s talk about the life of writing.

Let’s talk about being a writer; the whole person who writes and dreams, the creator, the body that’s doing all of these incredible, sometimes miraculous things that writers do.


Who’s This?

Hi, I’m Kate.

I’m a writer. You can check out more details about me and my work on my website www.katekrake.com.

I’m passionate about healthy living, healthy eating and exercise and that aspect of my life is inseparable from my life as a writer. The life of a writer is a special life and so we need to look after ourselves–our minds, our bodies– in a special way.

On this blog, I share my reflections on writing and life in this creative pursuit and the ways I’ve chosen to embrace my life and my calling.

What Does “The Write Turn” Mean?

The Write Turn is a movement. It’s a step. It’s a decision. The Write Turn is when a person decides to be a writer. It’s living as a writer. The Write Turn is being a writer. To read more about these ideas, you can read my manifesto Take The Write Turn.

Join In The Conversation

Despite the idea of the solitary artist, we writers are a communal folk.

We gather in groups to share our work. We gather on social media to talk writing and here, we gather to discuss writing and writing life so that we can all learn and help one another better our craft, better our lives and better our souls through writing.

If you have a passion for writing and living your life in a way that supports your creativity and you calling, then this is the place for you.

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Read Everything

I usually publish new articles once a week (typically Fridays). Sometimes I go off the grid a bit while I’m focusing on getting the next book written. During these times, new posts here are few and far between.

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Will You Join Me on My Writing Journey and Continue on Your Own?

It is my hope that this blog inspires you, challenges you and motivates you to push yourself and you waiting to new and exciting, hopefully unexpected places.

I can’t wait to share the journey with you.


For any other queries or comments, please contact me directly by your method of choice.