100 Ways to Be A Better Writer

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”
Ernest Hemingway

100 Ways to Be A Better Writer

Every writer strives to improve. To write something more than the first thing they wrote, to write something finer than the last thing they wrote.

Every writer wants to advance their craft, develop deeper ideas, boost their productivity.

Every writer wants to be a better writer.

And here are 100 ways for you, writer, to become better.

The book is divided into eight themes:

  • The Writer’s Life – all about mindset and living the life of a writer
  • Writing Craft and Process – the nuts and bolts of the writing itself
  • Learning and Study – the ways we advance and improve ourselves
  • Creativity – The lifeblood of the writing process and writer’s life
  • Editing – making words pretty (or make sense)
  • Focus – blocking out the world to maximize productivity
  • The Writer’s Body – how overall health and lifestyle impacts the writing practice
  • Community and Social – connecting with your fellow writers

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