twitter fiction

Twitter Fiction: What Is It? How to Write It.

Twitter Fiction is a relatively new form of story writing where very short stories, 140 characters or less, are published on Twitter. In the last decade, Twitter Fiction has grown to become a celebrated short story form, even attracting its own Twitter Fiction literary festival and literary journal. So what exactly is it, and how do we write it?

developing characters

Character Development And Psychological Personality Types

Every great story starts with a great character. When a reader picks up a book, it could be the genre or the plot concept that attracts them in the first place, but it’s the characters that will make or break a reader’s complete engagement with the story. And that has everything to do with character developm

ideas for stories

7 Quick Ways to Find Ideas for Stories

Ideas for stories can, on some days, leap out at you like an onslaught of flying monkeys and it’s all you can do to catch just one and run with it. Those are the good days. Today, we’re talking about those other days when the monkeys have all flown off and it seems like you’ll never have another idea for a story as long as you live. It’s not writer’s block, it’s creative block and it can feel like death for a writer.

apps for writers

5 of the Best Apps for Writers

Looking for a little tech help to find inspiration? A way to keep track of your writing notes? Tighten your prose? Write stories on the go or keep you focused? Check out these apps for writers.

can you learn how to be more creative

How can Creativity be Taught? Understanding Creative Thinking

How can creativity be taught? Is creativity something that anyone can even learn? Yes. There are some schools of thought that see creativity as this magical essence that shoots from the heavens into the minds of the few souls lucky enough to be blessed with a creative receptiveness and the talent to transform it into some marvellous creation. It’s a nice metaphor at best, but it’s simply not true. Creativity is not a mysterious spirit available to only a few. It might seem unobtainable sometimes and it might feel magical when it hits, but I promise, it's neither.

proofreading your own work

How to Proofread Your Own Work

Learning how to proofread is just as essential for writers as learning how to structure a story or write dialogue. Here are some ideas on how to self-check your own work.

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