best ending for horror story. How to write endings.

How to End a Horror Story

You've written a killer opening to your horror story, and terrible things are happening to your characters in all the best ways. Now, how do you end it? The key to writing a great ending to a horror story is honoring the genre. And to do that, first, you need to understand how the genre works.

how to define speculative fiction

What is Speculative Fiction?

Are you writing speculative fiction? How can you tell? In this post we define speculative fiction from multiple angles and examine its relationship to other genres.

how to cope with writers block

Is Writer’s Block an Actual Thing?

What is writer's block? Is it a real thing that stops writers writing, or an excuse not to work? Here are some ideas on what might cause the feeling of writer's block and some tips on pushing through to the other side.

health tips for writers

The Healthy Writer: Writing With More Energy, More Creativity, and Better Productivity

Choices we make about our health have a direct impact on the quality and quantity of our writing work. In a nutshell, a healthy writer is a better writer.

how to write theme

How to Develop a Powerful Theme in Fiction

Developing a strong theme can be the factor that turns a generally good story into a truly amazing read. Here are 4 ways to write a theme into your story.

focus for writers

Trying to Focus? DO NOT Turn Off Your Internet While You Write

Turning off the internet to focus is a short term solution that does not address the core reasons we get distracted. Here's how to really focus and write.

balance writing life

Balancing Writing With Big Life Events

How do you write when big life events derail your focus? Is it best to force yourself to keep writing, or is it better to take a break? Here are a few tips.

tips for writing faster

How to Write Faster: 25 Ways to Be A Prolific Writer (without the burnout)

Want to write more in less time? Here are 25 tried and tested ways to be a faster writer while maintaining a healthy balance in life and work.

what is an aspiring writer?

Let’s Put an End to Aspiring Writers (and start making real writers)

An aspiring writer is not a writer. But an aspiring writer can be a writer. It's all about doing the work and having the confidence to claim the title.

empowering books for authors

10 Incredibly Empowering Books for Writers

10 empowering books for writers covering author mindset, productivity, the writing business, creativity, life, and all of the areas these spheres intersect.

rough drafts fiction first draft

Just How Rough Can A First Draft Be?

For those who fear writing a terrible first draft, see raw examples of an incredibly rough first draft and understand why making a mess is important.

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